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      Four great reasons to choose Viasat Internet


      High-speed internet available in your community

      Eight out of 10 U.S. locations can get Viasat Home or Business internet today. If you think you're stuck with slow--or no--internet service because you are located in a rural or hard-to-reach area that other internet service providers seem to be ignoring or skipping over, think again!

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      Super-fast internet speeds

      Viasat Internet has the speed you need to take full advantage of today’s internet: stream music and HD video, load webpages super quick, video chat, email large files, work from home and lots more. Satellite internet speeds can meet the vast majority of your needs, bringing powerfully fast internet to you.

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      Our 2-year price lock guarantee

      All Viasat Internet service plans have a price guaranteed not to change for two years. You can get great internet service at a price you can afford and a bill that doesn’t change with the seasons.

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      Ask about NO long-term contract plan option

      Need flexibility? Don’t want a long-term commitment? Just ask about our new NO long-term contract plan option that allows you to stop service any time after the first month with no termination fees or penalties.

      Getting Viasat Internet is fast and easy

      We have a variety of affordable internet service plans for homes and businesses. Options range in price to suit every budget, and we can even offer bundles that include DIRECTV for home plans. Get download speeds up to 50 Mbps, subject to local availability. To find plans and prices in your area, click here.

      We take care of everything! A local technician will test the signal in your area and suggest locations for your dish. There are a number of options including roof, wall, or pole mounting. The technician will also install the Viasat modem inside your house and connect you to the internet.

      Enjoy high-speed internet access. With Viasat Internet you can browse web pages, check email, download music, and watch online videos – no DSL or cable coverage necessary. Get Viasat Satellite Internet today.

      Three ways to order now

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      Extras & bundles

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      Viasat Internet + DIRECTV

      Combine your Viasat Internet Service with DIRECTV and save $10/mo on your internet service for 12 months.

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      Get home phone service from Viasat Internet and save $10 on your voice service when you bundle with Internet for 6 months.

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